Fuel Price

E0 Mogas: $4.99 | 100LL: $5.99

Pattern Altitude

1700 MSL


N48-32.63; W117-53.03


Martin Field; S-95

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Doug Cheney | News |

Today it struck that of the most recent 30 people I’ve had conversations with related to flying, no more than 10 of those conversations were about happenings within past 12 months much less this month or week. I just have to say there is something wrong with that ratio! Are we flying so little now or are our infrequent flying jaunts so mundane we are not generating new/interesting experiences to share?

I totaled up my flying hours for last year and dare I share my humiliation and chagrin by admitting the total was 32hrs with fully half accrued on a single long trip? It would be oh so easy to blame the economy or $6 avgas but I’m not buying it. At risk of over-generalization I look at our cars, the technology we carry in our pockets, vacations we take and the huge flat screens in our living rooms and clearly we have discretionary funds. I think it comes down to choice and inertia- plain and simple. Is somehow oh so difficult to get fired up and to the airport after a comfortable winter on our keisters.

But inertia works both ways- if a body is already in motion it tends to stay in motion and to that end I encourage you to get in motion by perusing the WPA event calendar at WPAFlys.org, pick an event and fly there with a friend.  Next week find another event and attend it; and another. Every weekend the calendar is chock full of activities all over the region ranging from short hops for pancakes to events in neighboring States or Canada. I plan on seeing you at a few! And don’t forget, you may submit event additions and updates to: events@WPAFlys.org.

Doug Cheney